Since 2011 I have been trekking the world with groups of People with Parkinson’s, their care partners, and supporting friends to raise funds and awareness for research and community programs that support Parkinson’s

The video below is a compilation of all the treks. Click the page links below to see video and photos of the treks.

2022 – Dolimites, Italy. Coming September 2022.

2018 – Camino de Santiago, Spain. 29 trekkers, 12 with Parkinson’s.

2016 – Macchu Picchu: 29 trekkers, nine with Parkinson’s. All succeeded over the 15,300 foot Salkanty pass and made it to Machu Picchu.

2013 – Mt. Everest Base Camp: 10 trekkers, three with Parkinson’s. Eight got to Base Camp at 17,600 feet.

2010 – Kilimajaro: 16 trekkers, 3 with Parkinson’s. All got to the summit at 19,300 feet.